Simple Contractor Invoice Template

Optimize your contractor billing process effortlessly with Pronto Invoice! Our purpose-built Contractor Invoice Template caters to the specific needs of home improvement and home services contractors, offering a seamless solution for creating professional invoices. Elevate your brand, enhance client communication, and streamline your invoicing workflow with our meticulously crafted template.

Impress Clients with Professional Invoices

Send polished and error-free invoices that reflect your professionalism and attention to detail. Our professionally designed template ensures your clients receive organized and visually appealing invoices, facilitating quick payments and positive impressions.

Easy Invoice Generator

Effortless Invoicing with Pronto Invoice

Create quick contractor invoices with Pronto Invoice - the ultimate invoice generator app. No more struggling with rigid templates. Add your business and client details, input line items, and watch our software automatically generate your invoice. Whether you're on your laptop, tablet, or phone, our app allows you to send, sign, download, or print invoices anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

Professionally designed templates to save you time.

Auto-calculate totals, discounts, taxes, deposits, and more.

Easy customization with your logo and brand colors.

Step-by-step guidance to ensure you don't miss critical information.

No downloads needed – start creating invoices Pronto!

Industry Standard Invoice Sections and Fields

Pronto Invoice follows industry standards, providing all essential sections and fields required for a comprehensive contractor invoice. The final invoice is tailored to your needs, ensuring you include only relevant information. Below are some of the included sections in our Contractor Invoice template.

Business Info Section: business address, email, phone, website, etc.

Client Info Section: Client name, address, contact info, bill to address, etc.

Payment Info Section: bank info, check info, digital payment, if applicable.

Shipping Info Section: ship to person, address, phone, if applicable.

LineItems Section: products or service description, price, discounts, etc.

LineItems Summary Section: subtotal, tax, deposit, balance, total, etc.

Footer Section: terms, signatures, thank you message, client note, etc.

Photo Attachment Section: photo attachments with caption if applicable.

Contractor Invoice Template Color Variants

Choose the color that matches your brand and that is it.

Simple Contractor Invoice Template Blue

Simple Contractor Invoice Template Green

Simple Contractor Invoice Template Purple